How To Install WordPress ClassiPress Theme


How to install WordPress ClassiPress This article will show you how to install and configure the theme and prepare it for customization.

In this article, you will learn how to install the ClassiPress theme for the first time. You will also install the AppTheme Updater plug-in that checks the background of the themes and indicates when an update is available. It is important to install the update plug-in to manage all applications, including plug-ins.

How To Install WordPress ClassiPress Theme

Step 1) After purchasing the theme from the AppThemes website, you will receive the link to download your copy locally to your desktop or laptop. Then you have to download and install the theme as you normally do in WordPress. The following URL How to install a WordPress theme shows you how to install a theme.

The following image shows the theme installed but not yet active. Click the Activate button to activate the theme.


Step 2) Once the theme is enabled, the following settings will be added to your admin dashboard. See the image below.

ClassiPress Theme Administrator Settings Options



Step 3) The following image shows the message displayed after you activate the theme. These messages let you know what needs to be done before you start configuring the ClassiPress theme.

ClassiPress Extra Steps

You need to install the AppTheme Updater plug-in to keep ClassiPress updated.
You must disable the WordPress connection.


Step 3-a) The following image shows the message you receive after installing the AppThemes Updater plug-in. Before the plug-in starts working, you must enter your API key. Click on the “Enter your API Key” link to access the connection to your AppTheme account. Once you have entered your API key into the field provided, click the Save Settings button.


Step 3-b) The following image shows the Check Now button after entering the API key and saving the settings. This allows you to manually check for updates at any time. However, the update plug-in will automatically check each time you log in


Step 4) The following information, presented in step 3) above, requires ClassiPress to control and hide the standard WordPress login page.

The default login page for WordPress is still accessible.
Once you have made sure that the permanent links on your site are working properly and that you do not use any “maintenance mode” plug-ins, please disable it in the settings of your theme.

Step 4-a) To disable the login page, click on the theme settings or go to ClassiPress -> Settings -> Advanced and enable the deactivation of the login page. Once this feature is enabled, the message will disappear.

Note: I recommend that you spend some time browsing through the documentation to learn more about the ClassiPress theme.

It’s the simplicity with which you install the ClassiPress WordPress theme for the first time.

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