Xprexity Affiliate University vs. Affilorama Review – Everything One Needs To Know

Wealthy Affiliate vs. Affilorama Review – Everything One Needs To Know

If you lived under the rock and have not much idea about the different perspectives of digital marketing in general, it will be difficult for you to know on the subject under discussion, however. For anyone coming to marketing affiliate and make money in the industry of the house, and Xprexity Affiliate And Affilorama are two of the biggest affiliate marketing training platforms and execution available around the web today.

Given neck neck competition between the two, it is often difficult to deduce which one is the best option for the market right now.

If you tried to put you in the field of affiliate marketing, the best way to do is to know which of these two will be a better option to opt for.

In terms of responding to denials around, we tried the two programs associated with them and found some advantages and disadvantages of both.

To help you choose, we have accumulated all the necessary information and presented the comparison and honest opinion on what is a better option and why.

Both platforms come with a fair share of ups and downs, but it’s likely that you to decide which will work best for you based on your needs perfectly.

Let’s go first on the founding and history.

Founders and History
Before starting with the list of comparisons to deduce that there is a better option, we will guide you through the founders of each of these marketing programs.

Often, as a person in the field of marketing, it is very important to look at who are the owners of the program are. Once you know the same, it becomes much easier for you to decide if the training platform is time and money, or not.

Both programs have been around for over 10 years now and have thrived through and through and all for the right reasons.

This is one of the main reasons why people prefer to use not just another affiliate marketing training programs that are often available for an even cheaper price.


Starting with Affilorama The program was founded by Mark Ling, who is very experienced affiliate marketer based in New Zealand. It has been in the field of profitable marketing businesses since 1999.

He launched Affilorama in 2006 and extended the same to more than 300 000 members, prospects and a global team of over 29 members. It is also an Internet marketing specialist very popular which is known to know his work and guide people in the right direction.

Xprexity Affiliate University

Xprexity Affiliate University was co-founded by Mr Jagunmolu and his team.

They published this specific affiliate program in 2005 and currently has more than 800,000 members in their connection.

Apart from this platform of affiliate marketing, both of them are known to be co-founders Jaaxy.com and is one of the most popular keyword tools on the Internet.

Both together came up with the idea and then executed them for all the amazing results that are thriving in today’s life now.

Let’s go with prices

the price
Next on the list of discussion is the price of these two platforms. Before we delve into the differences, it is best suggested to guide us through some similarities they have.

Both platforms have a free membership option. Moreover, they also do not have any kind of limited trial period which ensures that you are open to take advantage of the free membership without any kind of additional costs.

Then both Affilorama and Xprexity Affiliate University , have a 7-day trial premium membership, which allows you to get a hang of what you’ll get if you avail premium members.

The only difference between the two is the price.

For Affilorama, you can get a free premium subscription your first month for only $ 14, which is just a simple $ 1 for Xprexity Affiliate University .

Coming on the significant differences in terms of the price range, network fees Wealthy about $ 49 per month or $ 359 per year, which is pretty amazing for a deal.

On the other hand, Affilorama costs about $ 69 for a one-month subscription and there are no important annual subscription. They do have a subscription plan which is 3 years at a price of $ 497; However, most believe that the commitment of 3 years is too little to have someone that just want to touch the water. To achieve the latter, it is also very important that you consult the Affilorama support which is available 24 × 7.

We will review the features now.

Next on the comparison list boils down to the perspective of the training and how the two of them live in the same.

As indicated in the memory front, two of them come with free training and premium. But even then, there are some differences that you are perhaps not aware.

Let us speak of them in turn, shall we?

free training

Xprexity Affiliate University offers its members 10 lessons that are assumed under free members. These courses cover mainly the explanations on the prospects of how money is made online, how to create a niche site, how to introduce affiliate marketing and the creation of all your new website with all plugins and necessities involved.

Affilorama the other hand, helps you get a free training program that provides 8 different lessons. They also provide notes written next to the videos and focus mainly around the affiliate marketing prospects. They cover all bases and touch on fundamental principles of affiliate marketing and SEO, PPC, email marketing, all domain and hosting.

In the free training section Affilorama is considered the best option compared to Xprexity Affiliate University.

training bonus

Regarding the prospects for high-end training, Xprexity Affiliate University is often a better option compared to Affilorama. The main reason behind the same is due to the fact that Affilorama does not have much to offer because it is not updated on a daily basis.

The Xprexity Affiliate University members premium allows you access to everything you’ll need maybe when it comes down to the growth and development of your online business. They offer more than 50 affiliate marketing course in depth to help you through the process efficiently. The best part of this is the fact that you get to learn something new every day as it updates every day.

This is not something you will easily get with the other program because they do not have that kind of prolonged exposure to the wide range of affiliate programs around.

Quality of training
Coming on the main point of discussion is the training itself. Most people have either tried one or not at all, and some have tried both Affilorama and Xprexity Affiliate.

The common thing about them is the fact that both of this affiliate training program is set to help you learn the same tactics for online business. Their main goal is to make you understand the ways you can make money with it and yourself great effort through and through.


Before moving on to talk about how the training and the program is, it is the first time to discuss training courses and services that will be available with Affilorama.

Some of them include:

Learn Affiliate Marketing – 9 lessons
Market Research for affiliate marketers – 8 video lessons
Content Creation – 9 video lessons
Site Building – 19 video lessons
Marketing Ideas – 22 video lessons
SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 11 video lessons
PPC (pay per click advertising) 12 Video Course
The affiliate outsourcing – 3 video lessons
If learned and done correctly, each of them has the capacity to get rid of the problem of understanding of digital media.

Training through what was believed to be worth at all depending on whether it is more towards beginners. If you are new in this area and need a better general suggestion, you can certainly do better. However, just with this level of training if you manage to earn a full time income is questionable.

The training program is supposed to be a hit, which is a major reason why tend to be not even fat.

Xprexity Affiliate University

Next on the subject of the discussion boils down to marketing affiliate Xprexity and what it took to get to where are now.

Most people prefer richest affiliate primarily because of the ease and well taught each course are.

It’s also amazing for beginners because of the way the lessons are itemized and explained to the students for understanding and retention easier.

They have a very systematic approach and step by step which was found very successful for not only for people who have just started with affiliate marketing.

In each lesson, there is not only a written tutorial, but you also get a video of Kyle explaining things through for a better understanding.

In addition, there are several issues and in response sections also helps to make the whole much more interactive learning process.

The best part of the course and the training session is that each lesson Lesson succeeded before, making it easier for you to log in and progress through.

And, finally, to ensure that you understand the lesson, each have a task you need to complete work before moving on to the next. What this does is make sure that you are not just learning, but actually be able to implement the same through and through.

The online certification course as it is available in 5 levels, help you understand the basics to advanced about affiliate marketing, making the process much more value for money for people learning.

Let’s focus on support.

Given the fact that learning the affiliate program in both, it is not that cheap, you always want to lean towards one that will provide a better answer in hand.

The best way to understand the effectiveness of their services is by looking at their support.

Let’s take a look at both the support provided by Affilorama and Xprexity Affiliate.


Affilorama has the support that is available around the clock. Given the fact that the course is based online, if you get stuck anywhere, you certainly want to engage in ways that will help you get stuck through.

Some of telephone support support options they should include:

support call
The support email
Support Forum (Affilorama other users)

Xprexity Affiliate University

Regarding the Xprexity Affiliate University and support, it exceeds the competitor before.

Like its amazing range of courses as part of the training program, it also has a lot of support options to help their users through, if they are stuck somewhere a problem.

Some of the best telephone support options that support should include:

24 × 7 live chat
24 × 7 Support
experienced private message Possible members for help
The review of the areas in each training section
Options to contact the owners of the private program to access direct help

Let’s focus on the tools and resources.

Tools and resources
Yet another important discussion points certainly to be on the tools and resources under these two affiliate programs.

Better access to tools and resources both during and after school is very important to go through the learning process effectively.


Like his lack of support and that Affilorama lacks the necessary details and requirements of tools and resources too. That does not mean he has not completely all through because he does not.

There are two separate tools and resources that are available in this specific affiliate program that only comes through practice and through.


The first tool they provided to their members is AffiloTools. This is an analysis tool that helps measure how well your site performs and after the implementation of the affiliate program. It gives results align with the results of search engines and social media analysis too.

Web hosting

The next resource you get with it is the prospect of limited web hosting. This allows hosting up to 15 sites to a certain size. The only downside to this is that you need to buy your domain elsewhere.

As previously mentioned, the tools and resources are so vast at all which makes it difficult for people to assess the analysis and growth altogether.

Xprexity Affiliate University

The Xprexity Affiliate University , on the other hand, do provide important and useful tools for members.

If you want full access to these tools and resources, it is best suggested to enroll in the training program as a Premium Member.

Some incredible tools and resources that you get under this include:

SiteRubix Web Builder comes with a plethora of WordPress themes for you to choose
Provides with the state of the bandwidth of unlimited art accommodation for up to 50 locations
Comes with an incredible encryption and protection for each site involved for optimal exposure
Provides site daily backups
Comes with a keyword research tool very powerful, Jaaxy.Com
Comes with a health checker website
Provides the website comments
Website Comments platform for you to earn money
Provides tools that help you keep track of site speed
Provides beneficial and powerful monitoring tools and

The best thing about affiliate Wealthy (unlike Affilorama) is that you do not need different upsells through and through, which is mainly due to the fact that you have everything on hand at all made.

As you along your course, you can easily track the progress of your website, all secure and even optimize based on the optimization of search engines. This is also the reason why most people prefer the Xprexity Affiliate University .

Xprexity Affiliate University vs Affilorama Review – Final Verdict
Given the comparative study and analysis and through to the Xprexity Affiliate University and Affilorama, it can be concluded with certainty that the former stand out from the crowd.

If you want a value for money experience with a global perspective of the amazing training by experienced professionals in this field, is Xprexity Affiliate University one.

This does not mean that Affilorama not good lessons, it is just that the rich affiliate, he fights with his options.

If you have been looking for a good training program to learn the basics and advanced levels on affiliate marketing, Xprexity Affiliate University is definitely a personal suggestion from our side.

The combination of incredible features, support and interactive courses will make one of the best options on the market right now. But then navigate the options and see which one fits your bill better.

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