Xprexity Affiliate vs. WordPress: Best Website Builder In 2018?


Both services provide impressive tool for new bloggers and as for experienced traders.

But who comes out on top?

There is no clear answer to this, but there are certainly lots of factors to consider when making your decision. Today I will take a comprehensive look at the advantages and disadvantages of each system, so you can decide what is good for you!

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First, let’s clarify what we mean when we talk about WordPress.

There are two ways to use WordPress; one for beginners and one for people looking to scale.

The “easy” version is WordPress.com. You will have a small, clean and run fast enough site and if all you want is to start a personal blog and do not care to get “traffic” on the site, this is an excellent choice at great prices.


The “harder” version is WordPress.org. The difference here is that you must be sorted by instead of WordPress sort for all you hard work, gritty, technical.

Why on earth would you go for the option that takes more work?

Because the potential of a site built on this option has unlimited potential to win; it is the go-to look for merchants, small business owners, and those looking to create a real income.

But if you want to build a website for the first time, using the simplest version will always be a good choice. They were the fire of name in the industry for years, and for good reason!

When you create a website with WordPress.com, you are guaranteed:

  • safe and secure sites with solid hosting (Hosting think your website where “lives” on the web) with all the technical stuff done and dusted for you.

But, you have to sacrifice something for it, and that is:

  • Your influence and control over your site.

So how do you keep safety and impressive reliability WordPress without losing the amount of control you have on your site?

The answer is in the platform creation SiteRubix websites, provided by Xprexity affiliate.

SiteRubix vs. WordPress
And WordPress are SiteRubix different things?

Yes and no. While SiteRubix is ​​(obviously) a different society WordPress websites that you build using SiteRubix platform are actually running on the WordPress.org system, giving you the power of a WordPress site without limits.


Seems confusing?

Do not worry, it took me some time to understand this part too.

The keyword here is to note WordPress.org. There are two different types of sites you can build using WordPress; a site WordPress.com and WordPress.org a site. We talked briefly earlier, but we will go into more detail on what that means …

confused What’s the difference?

Well, simply put: a site built on WordPress.com gives you less control.

Of course, all accommodation and technical stuff is done for you, but you are much more restricted in the various plugins that you add to your site (plugins are just extra stuff “fancy” for websites, for example, social icons I on the left are powered by a plug-in) and less able to change the design of your site.

If you are completely new to the gaming website and want to do everything for you, it’s fine.

But later down the line, you may want to start thinking about how you can earn money through it. This is where you are running into a problem.

Why this?

Well, if you used the .com version of WordPress to build your site, you will be able to display ads.

But ads are great, right? You can earn a lot of money from the ads, but the problem is that the ads are picked by WORDPRESS and revenue from them goes to … you guessed it, WORDPRESS.

So all that income might be going your way as a result of your hard work will go to WordPress instead of you.

Why might this be a problem?

As for affiliate marketing, there are not many other good news. WordPress.com also limits on the amount of affiliate links, you can post.

What is an affiliate link?

An affiliate link is simply a link to a site that will earn a commission if a visitor buys something because clicking on them; for example, a link to Xprexity using the Xprexity Affiliate program.

Make no mistake, this does not mean you can not post affiliate links. You can 100%.

But you can not control that. WordPress will limit the amount and type of links you can post.

So if you want to earn your site, you need a WordPress.org website (I know, all .com / .org is also confusing to me for you …).

You should not worry too much what it means (the hosting work heavy lifting is done by SiteRubix for you), but the main point is that a self-hosted site gives you WAY more independence and influence on your site.

For example, you can implement ads on your site right away if you want (although I would not recommend doing it) and affiliate links to sites are controlled by you.

Basically, if you want to win you need a website built on WordPress.org. And that is what SiteRubix for you!

What’s the catch?
Of course, the platform within SiteRubix Xprexity Affiliate is not perfect is- here are some things to keep in mind:

  • Need a Xprexity Affiliate account. It’s not a huge deal, but you must sign up for Xprexity Affiliate (which is free) to use the tool SiteRubix. Should only take you a minute to go!

Setting up an account at Xprexity Affiliate

On the positive side, the creation of a Xprexity Affiliate account to set up your website means you get a really great training (free) gives you about 10 lessons on getting your current site.

But see below …

  • limited themes. As a member unaffiliated Xprexity, you get a good selection of themes (a theme is how your site LOOK) but not nearly as much as if you were a paying member. It’s not a huge deal; when you start it is important to get your first set up right and learn how to write good content before you start worrying about aesthetics.

decision time …
In my view, there are three ways of looking at this:

  • A site for personal use or for leisure. Perhaps created so you can create a weekly blog for the family to read. In this scenario, just use the simple option of WordPress to avoid headaches and ensure a high quality site.
  • A site for personal use … but with the intention of scaling an online business. I speak of people (perhaps students, people about to go into retirement, middle aged parents looking to escape the 9-5, etc.) that are not necessarily part of a business but want to be able to create their own online.


For such people, a website hosted by SiteRubix would be ideal. They can start for free, get to know the ropes and feel whether online business is based the way forward for them.

Otherwise, they can cancel without charge, but if they have the opportunity to become a paying member of the Xprexity Affiliate community and receive more training.

  • A site built for business owners looking to increase revenue through local marketing. This can also be accomplished with a SiteRubix site.


PLUS, as Xprexity Affiliate, the business owner will be able to watch a series of pre-recorded webinars on the subject they are interested; local marketing and the generation of local prospects.

So they get the high-class accommodation, a website and relevant training in one package. Win-win!

These are three of the most common reasons that someone will want to create a website, so I hope you can see how the different platforms can work according to the needs of individuals.

What about areas ??
I’m glad you asked! Domains are a huge aspect of your site.

You can actually register your domain names in the Xprexity Affiliate, which to me makes everything simpler. If you prefer to buy somewhere like GoDaddy, or you already have an existing domain, Xprexity Affiliate has you covered.

There is an option in the website builder to transfer your domain; it is super simple to do rest assured that you are covered even if you have registered your domain with another service.

SSL: Let’s talk about safety!
Worried about your sites will not be safe? Do not be!

The SiteRubix website builder also comes with SSL for your site, which is great. Google likes sites that are secure.


Google becomes increasingly focused on something called “user experience”. This is basically how good / bad a person has experience on your site.

For example, if they are on your site for 20 seconds, it tells Google that you are not providing a good experience, but if they are on your site for 20 minutes tells Google that they like your content.

Therefore, you get a better ranking.

security How SSL does not benefit my site?

A certificate SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is basically a way to tell Google: This site is safe! He will not try to steal personal information from visitors.

Guess what that means? You will provide a better experience for users new to your ranking will be better as a result.

But using a site built WordPress.org means I’m not getting fixed technical problems for me! I can not do myself!

This is a legitimate concern, but do not worry.

Once your site is set up in Xprexity Affiliate , you can switch to a paid member. This is more than worth the investment, if only for the fact that you have access to a 24/7 Sitesupport team who are waiting to help you with any technical problems you can not understand.

Personally, I have a few websites through the installation of the tool Xprexity Affiliate SiteRubix and I use these guys almost every day! It is awesome; all I do not understand table on which I have a message and they have the usual fixed in minutes.

In my opinion, although the two services will provide high-end websites, I recommend Xprexity Affiliate.

This is mainly because creating a website is not enough! You must have access to the right training, and all this is provided to Xprexity Affiliate as part of your account. PLUS (as promised), here is the secret tool that will boost your website:

Jaaxy! This is a modern keyword research tool you have access to as part of your Xprexity Affiliate membership.

So I hope this answers all your questions about WordPress vs Xprexity Affiliate ! If you still have questions, comments or comments please leave them in the comment section below and I will surely come back in 24 hours! If you enjoyed this post, please share it using the icons on the left.

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